Pauline Grondin, Storyteller

About Pauline

Pauline Grondin has been telling stories and making music all of her life.
In 1973 when she became a Cubmaster for Scouts Canada, Pauline was able to incorporate her talents and love of stories and music into her cub-packs.
Her cubs encouraged her to tell the Jungle Stories of Rudyard Kipling over and over again. Scout leaders participated in her workshops as part of their training and she was soon in demand with Scouting and Guiding groups all over Southern Ontario.

In 1985 a schoolteacher discovered Pauline’s talents and the rest, as they say, is history.

Following her French Canadian and Irish roots, Pauline’s storytelling has delighted audiences of all ages in Canada, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. In the oral tradition of storytelling she presents a potpourri of fairy tales, myths, legends, folk tales, self penned and first person stories, often accompanied by a number of musical instruments and song.

Pauline took her love of storytelling one-step further to make history come alive for children and adults. Dressed in period clothing she will take you back to yesteryear to share tales of the early settlers who planted their roots firmly in Canadian soil through adventure, hardship and joy. Pauline sings the songs of long ago accompanied by a number of heritage instruments.

She has also written a number of books for children and the young at heart, and appeared on several television shows, radio programmes, and has been the subject of many newspaper articles across Ontario and Northern Ireland.

In 1998, Pauline wrote and performed a song in honour of the City of Burlington’s 125th. Anniversary Celebrations. She taught the song to exchange students traveling to Itabashi Japan to “bond friendships over the oceans”. Pauline’s song was published in a booklet that was distributed to officials in Canada as well as Japan.

Keeping the audience’s attention is a fundamental rule for all storytellers.
Stories are always told, never read, making them a bit like magic. Pauline first gets the audience’s attention, then, as if with a wave of the magician’s wand, you are transported to the land of the story, to become one of the participants perhaps even the hero or the heroine.

“When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece.” –John Ruskin 1819-1900


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