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Voices of the Past C.D.’s tell the stories of Pioneer Women who planted their roots firmly in Canadian soil through adventure, hardship and joy. All of the stories were researched, written and presented in first person by Pauline Grondin.

Stories of Women in Upper Canada During the War of 1812

The Women of Upper Canada were left at home and in the soldiers’ encampments with the war raging around them.

The War of 1812 opened up a world of drama, conflict and struggle for survival both on and off the battlefield. The stories of “The Women” are a glimpse into their life as they experienced the stress of an enemy invasion, watched as their personal possessions were damaged or stolen and their houses put to the torch.

Many of the stories of these women grace the pages of history declaring them heroines of the war. Some of their stories are legend, handed down through family and friends.

Voices of the Past

Elizabeth Davis Ghent,
Loyalist and early settler to Flamborough (present day Aldershot)

Anne Morden Loyalist
First settler to the Dundas Valley, 1786

Elizabeth Rapleje
First settler to Kettle Creek, (present day St. Thomas) 1811

Laura Secord
Heroine of the War of 1812 in the Niagara Peninsula

Ruth Best Ireland
An early settler to Wellington Square (present day Burlington)

Voices of the Past Two

Lucy Patrick
Lambeth (London) 1809

Abigail Becker
Heroine of Long Point 1854

Adelaide Hoodless
Educator and Author

Voices of Toronto’s Past

Elizabeth Fisher Stong
York (Toronto) 1816

Louisa Robinson Allan
Toronto 1855

Minerva Hall
Toronto’s Centennial 1934

8 Wonderful Bedtime Stories
Narrated by Pauline Grondin
A collection of self penned stories and traditional tales re-told for

children and the young at heart.

The price of each CD is $25.00, postage included.
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Betsy Patrick, A Pioneer Girl told by Pauline Grondin
This is the true story of Betsy Patrick who traveled in a Conestoga wagon with her family from New York to Upper Canada in 1811. The Patrick family were the first settlers in present day Lambeth Ontario.
The cost of $7.00 includes postage and handling.

In recognition of the Bi-Centennial of the War of 1812:

The Nancy, A Schooner During the War of 1812, a story and activity book researched and written by Pauline Grondin.
The cost of $8.00 includes postage and handling.

Old Fort Erie, a story and activity book researched and written by Pauline Grondin.
The cost of $8.00 includes postage and handling.


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