Pauline Grondin is an accomplished musician who has performed across Ontario, especially at heritage venues requiring music of early Canada and the British Isles.

Pauline plays numerous instruments accompanied by song. She usually appears with chorded zither, mountain dulcimer, banjammer and Psaltery and guitar. Audiences cheerfully sing along whilst tapping toes and clapping hands. Pauline performs in period clothing of different time periods as required.

Pauline is a professional storyteller who just happens to play a few instruments and sing, a great combination of talents. Her music and stories have been recorded for Route 1812, a driving route linking historical sites and cultural institutions in the Southwest, Toronto and Niagara regions

Pauline was given the honour of having her name included on the Ireland Canada Monument to be unveiled in Vancouver, B.C. in March 2014. “The monument honours Irish Canadians for their immense contribution to Canada.”…”each name has been chosen on that person’s contribution to their fellow Canadians, on their commitment to do something good to build a better community locally or globally within Canada.” Pauline’s music and stories, especially those telling of Canadian history, have been recognized as her contribution to Canada’s heritage.




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