Welcome to the world of professional storyteller, musician, historical interpreter, heritage performer and reenactor Pauline Grondin.

Paulineís name is included on the Ireland Canada Monument in Vancouver British Columbia. The monument honours Irish Canadians for their immense contribution to Canada. Pauline is one of 186 Canadians who have received recognition. Her name will appear with the names of Thomas McGee, a Father of Confederation, Lester Pearson, Timothy Eaton, Bobby Orr, Pat Quinn, Sir Frederick Banting, and other notable Irish Canadians.

Pauline's mother arrived in Canada from Ireland with her parents in 1921. Although she is tenth generation French Canadian on her fatherís side of the family, Pauline also has her Irish citizenship and is considered an Irish citizen of foreign birth.

The announcement of this honour concluded an amazing year of added recognition in 2012 for Pauline as a teller of history for the 1812 bicentennial festivities throughout Ontario.

"Stories are always told, never read, making them a bit like magic."

Pauline is a regular performer and workshop leader at numerous storytelling festivals, gatherings and living history conferences and events, delighting audiences in Canada, Northern Ireland, England and Scotland





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